The Woodcut · Dior Pattern Trend for Womenswear

Pattern Trend for Womenswear

The unique taste of engraving and wood endows woodcut with independent artistic value and status in Chinese and foreign art history. Woodcut has visual plane aesthetics and pure beauty. It also has the intermittent process of artistic expression, the sum of artistic results, the aesthetics of print art. For professionals, the woodcut has a unique feeling and vibe compared with other painting types. With the help of modern technique and theme, woodcut adds an elegant feel to fashion brands.

pattern trend for womenswear

Black and white woodcut requires high skills, has a strong artistic generality, and reflects the author’s style more obviously. A good woodcut has a strong artistic charm due to its concise engraving way, unique composition, the smart treatment of black and white, and the strong contrast. Black and white woodcut is the basis of woodcut art, and the key to black and white woodcut is the treatment of black and white.

pattern for womenswear

The contrast of black and white is an important technique for black and white woodcut, and it can bring a strong dazzling artistic effect. And the grey layer is summarized and simplified to enhance the contrast of black and white.

pattern trend for womenswear

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