The Craft Detail Trend for Womenswear


Sustainable fashion drives the anti-waste concept and enduring details to become the mainstream. Exquisite traditional handicraft also becomes the important expression of clothing details. Delicacy and craftsmanship return back to the fashion stage. The loose structure and meticulous details will also become an important trend in A/W 21/22. As a kind of traditional handicraft, tassels also return back. They will be combined with exquisite femininity, normally regular.


Dense and draping long tassels are longer than the top half. Influenced by the trend of redefining female power, tassels are soft and sexy, and become a key trend in this season. Tassels are spliced on the collar or diagonally spliced, and then applied to skirts, overcoats and trousers.


Tassels are tie-dyed or blurred to be ombre, which will be combined with tapes to appear on the hemline and sleeves. Besides, when the fabric has different colors on both sides, the tassel also takes on a mixed color changing effect.


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