Mame Kurogouchi The Designer Brand of Women’s Knitwear


Mame Kurogouchi is a fashion brand founded in 2011 by Japanese designer Maiko Kurogouchi. It is good at matching detail and color with different materials to make a contrast, with the silhouette to display the unique temperament of female toughness and softness. Its S/S 2020 collection is inspired by “The art of packaging is to wrap your heart”, mentioned in Tsutsumu by Okada Hideyuki. In the collection it integrates its symbolic cocoon element into packages of various forms and concepts, displaying the way to see natural things through thin and light objects.

women's knitwear

Mame Kurogouchi pays attention to details on edges. Stitched lace is added to cuffs and collar to brighten the style. Asymmetric edges extend individuality, exquisite and feminine.


Transparent yarns are classic yarns of Mame Kurogouchi. This season features the light and layered sense of packages, so the light lace-like stitches are important. Lace is applied to sleeves, hemline and even all-over. And the all-over style pays more attention to the match with other items.

women's knitwear

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