The Comprehensive Analysis of Women’s Leather/ Fur Clothing on Catwalks

Women's Leather/ Fur Clothing on Catwalks

Based on sustainability, leather will be the main material in A/W 20/21. The leather which is designed and recycled sustainably is more advocated. The metal-free, chromium-free and vegetable dyeing are better for the environment. The superior quality sense is the key to leather and fur fabric. Berber fleece and fleece display comfort and quality sense. Optimism persists in turbulent times. The vintage era (including middle-class style) is a source of inspiration. The feminine silhouette reveals a retro feel, and the waist becomes the focus of design. The minimalism drives the rise of designs which is not restricted to seasons. Therefore, the all-over printed style declines. In this season, prints of leather and fur industry are dominated by natural landscapes and folk patterns.


Leather is the basic fabric and leather set becomes the key item. It can be used to create salable styles.


Wadding and the soft voluminous detail still prevail in A/W 20/21. The tailored silhouette of the bottoms, and the shirring on the waist create a more commercial appearance.

Women's Leather/ Fur Clothing on Catwalks

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