The Collar Craft Trend for Women’s Knitwear


The knitwear design is getting more and more ready-to-wear. Many details of knitwear need to consider the match with other items. Thus collar design is an important design direction. This report aims at commute styles of the simple & sophisticated style, and concludes collar changes like shirt collar, mock-neck, bow tie and accessory. It also makes key analysis of collar types, style silhouettes and match.


Shirt collar is suitable for simple and well-fitting cardigan or improved Polo shirts. The commute style is a key point. The collar is dense and compact to be crisp, and becomes sharper and wider. The higher collar, button decoration on the neckline and zipper enhance the exquisite feel and conform to the entire style.


Mock-neck is mainly used to show the loose and comfortable style. In the new season, mock-neck will focus more on the echo with the entire design. The stacked multiple layers, the shoulder silhouette and gigot sleeves, or the echo of the darted waist with mock-neck all display the high-quality knitwear.


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