The Comprehensive Analysis of Women’s Knitwear in Domestic Market

Big Brand Effect

The big brand effect refers to the fact that Chinese second and third tier knitwear brandsuse core elements of big brand styles as reference and reshape fashion items according to their own positioning, so as to bring benefits and influence to the domestic market and continue the commercial and social value of the internationally famous clothing brands. As the representative of diversified deconstruction and spliced materials, Sacai is always favored by women’s knitwear in Chinese markets. Apart from the latest new styles, styles of A/W 18 are used by the lady style brands as the key item in A/W 19. These brands retain the original silhouette of Sacai, and lower the cost of yarns to gain more profit.

Sacai Effect

Valentino, which combines Italian handicraft and modern beauty, has attracted the attention of Chinese brands for lady. The silhouette, cables and embroidery of PSALTER is quite similar to Valentino. If the embroidery is more compact and finer, the quality sense of knitwear will be highlighted more. Of course, considering working hours and costs, the overall effect is impressive. It’s hard to recreate Valentino’s knitwear with letters. Despite the change of size or color of letters, the knitwear is still recognizable.


The dress splicing lace with knitwear of Fendi is warmly welcomed by domestic brands of the young lady style and the lady style. Soft lace is combined with rough cables to show the free, unconstrained and casual temperament. Layered ruffles weaken the visual impact brought by color blocks. Then JORYA WEEKEND releases similar items to gain more customers. PSALTER refers to the mesh undershirt of Fendi A/W 19, chooses different yarns and crafts to lower the cost and releases items for S/S 2020.


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The Comprehensive Analysis of Women’s Knitwear in Domestic Market

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