The Catwalks Analysis of Off-White Womenswear


This season Off-White teams up with Arc’teryx to put on a womenswear show with a theme of “Slighty Off”, creating a collection that blends luxury and sports. The collaboration of Off-white with Arc’teryx breaks the stereotype that the outdoor clothing only focuses on functionality but has no distinctive appearance, and the impression that high fashion is dominated by suits, dresses and high heels.

Off-White Womenswear

Fabrics in different styles make a contrast and inspire creativity.


In the new season, suit is longer, and uses loose H-line and draping fabrics to show a cool and nonchalant image of females. The ruffled waist tab adds a girlish feel. The long or short plackets and vague patterns make the style more creative.


The crisp leather, soft and matte surface and delicate silhouette add a quality sense to the style. Colored leather is thin and skin-friendly, fit for dresses, shirts and jumpsuits.


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