The Catwalk Analysis of Fendi Womenswear

Fendi Womenswear

The A/W 20/21 collection of Fendi kicks off with the psychedelic sound of Alessandro Cortini, Nine Inch Nails’s keyboardist. This time Silvia Venturini, the creative director of Fendi, performs the theme of Gentle Power through the combination of structure and softness, and showcases the liberation of wearable female power. This season plus-size models join the catwalk lineup for the first time. The high-waist of the crisp overcoat and the well-fitting dress accentuates female form, which echoes the pink streamlined catwalk. Retro lantern sleeves run through the whole series. Color-blocking and contrasting of classic elements fully display the role switch between boudoir and meeting room. The strap boots with sheepskin cushion and satin high-heeled shoes highlight the vampire-like enchanting temperament, in line with the theme of boudoir. The waisted design, military outerwear with flare sleeves and the crisp fabric present the powerful temperament of females in the meeting room, quite emotional. Fendi’s aesthetics balances between sexiness and calmness, toughness and softness, gentleness and power.

Corset womenswear

Corsets have oppressed western women for more than 400 years, restricting women’s expectations and status. This season, the designer presents the corset on clothes in the form of imprint, liberating the imprisoned curvy beauty and expressing the wearable female power (sexual, social or professional expressions).

Key Craft -- Corset

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