Colorful Slow Life in Cape Town of The Pattern Trend for Womenswear

Nothing can bring more intuitive pleasure than colors. Cape Town is famous for its natural beauty and its docks. Colorful beachfront villas in Muizenberg have their own characteristics, combining the color matching of traditional South African tribes and the modern feel, which can be used as reference for graphics’ combination and fashionable color matching.

design Inspiration

The zigzag and triangle are combined, which is the symbolic graphic of South African textiles, full of an ethnic feeling. For colors, unlike dark brown colors often used by South African tribes, bright pastel colors are chosen, and favored by modern youngsters. The gentle colors are more comfortable and natural.

clothing pattern

pattern trendConventional paintings pay attention to symmetry and delicacy. But hand-drawing simplifies graphic structures and highlights colors the most. Relaxing brushstrokes are vibrant and youthful.

clothing pattern

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