The Catwalk Analysis of Victoria Beckham’s Confident Wardrobe Womenswear

Victoria Beckham brand

Victoria Beckham is a high-end fashion brand founded by famous British singer and fashion designer Victoria Beckham in 2008. Victoria Beckham’s own fame and her steady middle-class background make her designs unique. The 20/21 A//W series is inspired by that exhausted woman are seeking peace, and creates the style of confident wardrobe. The collection records the return of the black avant-garde silhouette and exposed neckline, negative space rhomboid knitting which is first raised by Stephan Cooke (a young London menswear designer), two pieces of Shetland knitwear (one in cornflower blue, the other in yolk yellow), flares sleeves, the dress with dense and regular smocking stitch, the finely cut check shirt, the skirt with a tough silhouette, and the layered color-blocked overcoat. These all bring a confident femininity of urban office ladies.


Key Detail — Neckline

The black avant-garde dress is combined with the exposed neckline, quite tempting. The arc neckline or V-neck reveal the fascinating neck, and display the confidence and charm of females.


Key Detail — Cutout (Negative Space Rhomboid Knitting)

Negative space rhomboid knitting is first raised by Stephan Cooke, a young London menswear designer. And it consists of cable-like textures and cutout rhomboid space. The designer takes advantage of both, and layers a striped shirt inside the knitwear so the shirt is revealed by the rhomboid cutout. Multiple layers brighten the dark look.

Negative Space Rhomboid Knitting

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