The Silhouette Trend for Women’s Leisure Trousers

Women's Trousers

Under the trend of comfort, the silhouette of trousers is developing towards the direction of looseness and comfort. Wide leg structure, the strong contrast of gathered placement, the retro Disco flares and jumpsuits will be key trends in A/W 20/21.

Women's Trousers

Gathered-Ankle Trousers

Based on the wide silhouette, structure or accessories are used in the bottom to gather. Different from gathered bottom previously, now mostly the ankle is gathered. This kind of silhouette gradually has a higher and higher proportion.

Gathered-Ankle Trousers

Waisted Straight-leg Trousers

Based on widened straight-leg trousers, drawstring or a belt in the waist is used to gather the waist. The waist line is raised and added some decorations to highlight the comfort when wearing.

Waisted Straight-leg Trousers

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