The Visual Craft Trend for Women’s Trousers

Women's Trousers

Crafts of women’s trousers start from a new perspective. Main changes lie in the waistband, silhouette and leg openings. Different parts of trousers are decorated by buttoned slit, self-cloth knot or layered crinkles.

Women's Trousers

Buttoned Slit

Different slits are added to different parts to deliver different feels. Loeil adds slit to seams and decorates the slit with self-cloth buttons to show the sweetness. The white suit set of Co is decorated by light-colored resin buttons in side seams, so the loose and neat straight trousers are cooler.

Buttoned Slit Trousers


Knot reminds of the waist. However, Cinq a Sept and Off-White apply the self-cloth knot to leg openings to renew the look.

Knot Trousers

Layered Crinkles

Unlike previous crinkles, this time misplaced layered crinkles and stacked pleats are added to create the fluffy silhouette. And the wide waistband can be added to accentuate the form.

Layered Crinkles Trousers

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