The Catwalk Analysis of 3.1 Phillip Lim Natural Structure Womenswear


Brand Introduction

In 2005, Lin Nengping and his partner, Zhou Xuanwen, were both 31 when they co-founded the brand 3.1 Phillip Lim. Initially, with the support of a surf wear company, Lin Nengping began designing his first collection. Retaining the concept of nature, the series was full of many low-key and unique items in natural colors. Environmental protection and charity are concerned topics of the brand. Besides, in this season the brand’ focus shifts from the waist to the collar.

Brand Introduction

Key Item — Puffa Jackets Without Quilting

In this A/W collection, Phillip Lim creates mainly puffa jackets without quilting, fluffy and unconstrained. And shirt elements appear frequently. Patch pockets on the chest, and collar of shirt or Polo shirts also appear.

Puffa Jackets Without Quilting

Key Item — Loose Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits frequently appear in the 2020 series. The silhouette is loose and comfortable. The slit sleeve is unconstrained. Exaggerated loose legs are added by loop-like structure to modify the leg.


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