These Shiny Colors can Break the Dull in the Early Spring

If you are tired of the dull black, white, and gray-dominated winter days on the street, and you want to be the most influential girl in the whole street, then you can start with this color style. They not only make you have a good mood, but also make you a harvester on the street in seconds that is looking shiny and fashionable.

Women are always distressed. Every time in the late winter and early spring, the wardrobe seems to be occupied by monotones of black, white, and gray. You may don’t know where to start when you want to use a bright color to light the shape. The overturning of the color palette on the body obviously makes the whole look over-jump in the atmosphere of early spring. So what color should we use and how to wear it? These colors are good for you!


Pink has been a very active color in the fashion circle in recent years, and its soft and tender texture is just like a girl’s heart. However, for the sense of age reduction without limit, many girls will also be afraid that they cannot hold this color, but they will be suspicious.

In fact, women can use a small part of pink to decorate the style of late winter and early spring, such as good-looking cherry pink sneakers or small handbags, which will make you stand out in the thick and dull color system, and instantly get full of girly feelings .

LOOK2: Bright yellow

Yellow seems to be the color that has never left the stage in the trend of the fashion circle. As a popular color for thousands of years, it can always bring warmth and enthusiasm like the sun. At the moment of the upper body, all the passersby’s eyes were gathered here.

In fact, the yellow piece is very easy to wear. When you match it, you can put it on the lower body or choose a yellow coat that looks fashionable and energetic.

LOOK3: Electro-optic blue

Electro-optic blue is a popular color in this year. As a representative of the cold color system, it is an artifact-like existence for the dark yellow skin girl, which can instantly neutralize the yellow of the face. High-saturation hue will be instantly highlighted on the street that will help you stand out on the street.

Electric light blue items are also real common in this year. From coats to sweaters, the silhouette against the face makes the skin look whiter. The neutral power emits is not to be underestimated that is enough to create a strong aura.


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