Interfilière Paris International Underwear and Fabric Exhibition

Paris International Underwear and Fabric Exhibition

The development and blends of recycled, biological and natural fibers are the core of innovation, which also continue to influence the look of lace. The unbleached original color and undyed quality sense are prevailing. The highly functional seamless craft upgrades the silhouette of underwear and swimwear. The mesh fabric is transparent, catering to the theme of wearing underwear outside. The minimalist style is quite suitable for high summer. Bold color-blocking and metal colors are ideal for underwear, swimwear and accessories. Bright colors and new animal prints are complementary for each other. The simple florals with a design sense are fresh and pure. Twigs and leaves will lead the fashion trend. Modern geometric patterns are quite fit for knitted and woven fabrics. Dark-colored decorative lace and retro embroidery display novelty.

Paris International Underwear and Fabric Exhibition

Plant Ecology
Apart from the classic florals of Belle Époque, Holiday of BoBos and Excited Fascination, twigs and leaves also appear on various underwear fabrics. Embroidery and lace are used to sketch the outline of leaves and twigs. Shiny metallic yarns add gloss. The mesh fabric with embroidery is exquisite and transparent, and eco-friendly fabrics are mainly chosen. Now many factories have released environmental protection series, and all designs can be made of recycled polyester and nylon materials.

Paris International Underwear and Fabric Exhibition

Pure Florals
Modern patterns and the pure style renew the everlasting florals. Popular pure daisy is key to ditsies and middle-sized florals. All the individual designs are sweeter than sexy. Print, pure embroidery and jacquard woven fabric bring textures and fun. Metal colors and semi-transparent design are combined with florals. The yarn certified by GRS and plain silk are used.


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