The Report on The Clothing Industry Under The Plague in China


No Panic, No Blindness — Panic of Materials

After the closure of Wuhan, people fall into the extreme panic, and the panic spreads from Wuhan to the whole country. People snap up masks, disinfectant supplies, vegetables, food, household goods, and even medicine.

No Panic, No Blindness -- Panic of Materials

Rational Shopping After The Plague

Facing the novel coronavirus, we fear, but do not panic. Shopping after the plague will be more rational, reject the cheap fast consumption, and focus on health. In terms of industry trends: data shows consumer’s demand for commodities falls to 8% in this key period. What about proportion of clothing? Practical essential items are worth the investment. Functional clothing will become the first hot item after the plague, like the indoor sports, protective outerwear and multifunctional items.

Rational Shopping After The Plague

Trend — The Protective Equipment

After the outbreak, consumers will pay more attention to protective outerwear. The light, transparent and protective outerwear will be the first choice.

Trend -- The Protective Equipment

Data Analysis of 2020

1. As the promotion way with the highest traffic, mobile social tools subtly transfer people’s consumption concept and aesthetics. 2. The fashion industry is still a winner-takes-all market. Clothing brands’ profit margin is shown in the bar graph. 3. More than half of fashion professionals and analysts expect the apparel market will develop slowly in 2020. 4. This is the TOP 20 list of fashion industry groups in 2019. (ANTA, Heilan Home and lululemon are emerging groups in 2019.)

Data of 2020


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