S/S 2021 Urban Bystander Theme Trend for Kidswear

theme pattern

We walk through the busy streets, pass the familiar coffee shop downstairs, visit the exhibition of Vincent van Duysen, wear basic clothes and live in a comfortable and warm house. In such a relaxed day, we enjoy the city life, feeling down-to-earth yet a little lonely. Seemingly absent, but we are determined to find ourselves – be social men, also sober urban bystanders.

fashion background

Inspirational Event

1. Elena Boils, born in Mexico, is a freelance writer and based in London. She creatively uses the relationship between color, plants and space, and the strong color-blocking presents a hidden fairy tale. 2. The sculptor Brian Rochefort, based in Los Angeles, has used ceramic and glaze to create a series of unique containers with drop-like spots, whose colors and patterns break the stereotype and present a unique visual appeal. 3. The designer, Melanie Abrantes, creates the new sculptural vessel from surplus materials and used glass. And the hand-dyed patterns on the vases are inspired by nature

Inspirational Event

Representative IP — Olivia

The six-year-old mixed-race between China and Britain, olivia, is a fashionable online celebrity with her fun character. Olivia has more than 120,000 followers on Weibo. Her mother starts recording her daily life since she was six-month-old. Her choices are many designer brands, including Wolf & Rita, BOBO CHOSES and Tinycottons.

pattern trend

Representative Brand — Tsumori Chisato

Tsumori Chisato is a personal brand founded in 1990 by Japanese designer, Tsumori Chisato. She propagates simplicity aesthetics, and creates a romantic and changeable style. She prefers bright colors and adds bold print, graffiti and comics to clothing, bringing an artistic visual impact.

Tsumori Chisato


As sustainability and slow fashion get more and more attention, inspirations are drawn from nature. Plants and spice dyestuff can be used as the substitution to display the natural charm. Art and culture have become an indispensable spice in urban life, and the unique colored patterns present a lively and elegant palette. Acacia, blue fog, spice pink, marmalade and energetic green are quite bright and pleasing, with the coordination of gallnut, sago and saturated indigo to display the artistic and energetic color quality.


Source: https://www.popfashioninfo.com/blog/detail/s-s-2021-urban-bystander-theme-trend-for-kidswear-id_1968/

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