The Encountering Cutout Craft Trend for Women’s Knitwear

women's knitwear

Slim young females are seeking for a style in line with their aesthetics in modern urban life. In spring and summer, proper skin-revealing can be close to nature and relax selves. And cutout is one key element to be light and breathable. Balancing the design sense and wearability, cutout in the new season will pay more attention to dainty looks, the combination with transparent yarns and accessory decorations.

Transparent yarns are mainly applied to the neckline, sleeves and hemline on the flat knitwear, bringing an intangible visual form and a comfortable wearing experience. It expands from the neckline to the chest, from the shoulder to cuffs. The orderly gap mimics fine-gauged crinkles to make the knitwear fresh and cosy.

women's knitwear

Unlike single cutout in previous seasons, the solid knitwear will integrate with dainty accessories like pearl, button and rhinestone to be more delicate and unique. The revealed skin is sexy and accessories are shining.

women's knitwear


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