New Function Fashion Clothing Collocation of Women’s Sweatshirts


With the rise of electronic music, hip-hop culture and street dance have a great influence on the new generation as a non-mainstream culture. In S/S 2020, comfort and leisure, lightness and function will be important trends. Various topstitched segmentation, deconstructed splicing, sweatshirts cropped to the chest and new outdoor sweatshirts will appear in the new season. Cropped sweatshirts revealing underwear, hidden shorts and functional gathered-ankle pants will be key points of clothing collocation. Sweatshirts in the new season put comfort and protectiveness in the first place. Functional and futuristic sweatshirts will be a necessary item for girls loving electronic music and hip-hop.


Color-blocked topstitch is applied to comfortable oversized sweatshirts to sketch 3D structures and geometrics, bringing a novel visual impact and bold beauty. The match with sporty pants is very casual and unrestrained. Untruly self-expression brings a break-free novelty.

Tostitched Sweatshirts

With the popularity of color-blocked sweatshirts in fashion brands, in S/S 2021, diversified splicing is integrated with mock-layer design to create deconstructed spliced sweatshirts. Two or more than three pieces made of different materials are deconstructed and reorganized together to break the regularity. The look with slim-fit pants fully show the coolness, while the pair with black leather skirt shows wildness.

Deconstructed Spliced Sweatshirts

Cropped design is the hot trend currently, displaying the youth and vigor of street girls. This season, sweatshirts are cropped to the chest, revealing the sporty underwear. Layered match highlights the layered sense and accentuates female slender waist. When styled with workwear gathered-ankle pants, the look is hip-hop and street.

Sweatshirts Cropped to the Chest

In this season functional protective fabric is applied to overlength sweatshirts, fashionable and practical. Overlength and protective sweatshirts are very suitable for hiding shorts. They can be styled with cycling shorts or oversized T-shirt to display leg lines.

Overlength and Protective Sweatshirts

Functional style is originated from cyberpunk culture, and it combines the practical outdoors with current trend on the street, thus a practical set with a outdoor street feeling is born. New outdoor sweatshirt set is both functional and decorative, and becomes more popular with womenswear fashion brands. Unibody design is combined with technical sneakers and backpacks to display the deft street fashion function.

Functional Sweatshirts Set

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