The Top Skirts List of Womenswear


According to data analysis of the TOP 100 downloads of women’s skirts in October, the simple & sophisticated style is dominant, and the emerging design style increases. The proportion of young lady style has an obvious decline. In terms of fabrics, the trench coat fabric rises while the cotton and linen drop obviously. And the check is steady. For crafts, deconstruction and splicing are still main crafts. The topstitch declines a little, but it’s still favored by consumers in the TOP 10 style.


According to the TOP 10 women’s skirts ranked by clicks in October, styles are mainly the simple & sophisticated style and the emerging design style. In terms of fabrics, the trench coat fabric is the mostly used and followed by check fabric. For crafts, splicing, accessories decorations, the topstitch and slight deconstruction are used to display the diversification of skirts. Here are the TOP 10 styles (From the left to right is 1-5, 6-10.).

TOP 10

The straight skirt is mainly mid-calf. Strongly crisp fabric is chosen to display the straight effect. Slit is applied to make it convenient to walk because of the length.

Popular Skirt- The Straight Skirt

The linear skirt is mainly reflected by sewing and topstitch with a design sense. The topstitch on pockets has a strong linear effect, showing the exquisite craft and ingenious design sense.

Popular Skirt- The Straight Skirt

This kind of skirt pays more attention to the layer change of skirts and is reflected by spliced materials, diagonal cutting design and layered collocation. Spliced layered materials have the strongest layered effect and rich colors.

Popular Skirt- The Spliced Skirt

The check skirt with a basic silhouette in the market is based on basic styles of A/W 19/20. Jacquard check is the main change. And the slight A-line silhouette is the most popular in checks where GUCCI is dominant.

Popular Skirt- The Check Skirt with a Basic Silhouette

This kind of check skirt pays more attention to deconstruction and splicing in terms of silhouette. And designers pay attention to key details like color proportion and materials to enhance the exquisite design sense of the check skirt.

The Evolution of Check Skirt- The Check Skirt with a Design Sense

The skirt design starts from partial trench coat look to endow the skirt with a visual impact of emerging independent designer style. From skirt styles, we can see the self-belt and plackets of trench coats are widely used.

Key Style Recommendation- Elements of Trench Coats

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