The Comprehensive Analysis of Paris Fashion Week Street Snaps


Inspirations of clothing collocation could come from Paris Fashion Week street snaps. This report concludes looks of fashionistas outside the catwalk, such as bright-colored decorations, knitwear, fashionable blazers and tough workwear style.

street style

Fluorescent green, rose red and golden with high brightness and high purity are fully displayed in the inner, trousers, the top and bags, which shows the importance of bright colors.

Bright-colored Decorations

Various knitwear is styled with skirts or trousers in tonal colors, black and white tones to make the knitwear simple, comfortable and layered, which shows unique opinions about color proportions of fashionistas.


White is classic and favored by fashionistas. White can be applied to the whole set, the top, outerwear and accessories to make the item fashionable.


Leisure suit coat is the most popular item, which makes the wearer cool or resolute. Fashionistas pair tight and printed inner and leisure trousers with long boots, high heels and light bags. Thus various blazers with a street fashion sense are there.

Fashionable Blazers

The workwear style is quite usual in Paris streets. Items are outerwear, trousers, jumpsuits, the top and the vest.

Tough Workwear Style

We forecast the importance of light khaki tones in the theme trend for S/S 2020 released by POP in December, 2018. Light khaki has a pinkish tone, bringing a warm feeling to the modern industrial style. The color proportion of fashionistas clothing shows the correctness.

Color Confirmation- Light Khaki Tones



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