The Clothing Collocation of Sweetness Dresses

clothing collocation

Sweet and opulent fabrics, vintage floral tones, bust and waist constructions and same-style dressing are highlighted. Slim and refined silhouettes are emphasized for rich dressing.


The Deep V neck is emphasized. Lace enhances depth, and checked suits add a lively yet calm feel.

The Extended Deep V Neck

Subtle details are applied to floral dresses. Vintage tones are combined with folk patterns and landscapes. Knitted outerwear pieces add a warm and delicate effect.

The Delicate Floral Dress

Structures at the bust and waist are emphasized. Lingerie is worn outside. Florals, jacquard fabrics and polka dots add a feminine quality.

Exposed Structures

Glossy fabrics make jacquard, velvet and sequins stand out. The lightweight and delicate sheers are worn as a inner layer, styled with the glossy dress to create a barely-there effect.

The Barely-There Glossy Surface

Stripes and florals are mixed, and they are applied to the hem, sleeve, neck and closure to add sophistication.

Stripes & Floras Women’s Dresses

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