SIBEIXIU Benchmark Brand for Kidswear


The Chinese fast fashion kidswear brand founded in 2009, SIBEIXIU, pays much attention to the market trend and the change of fashion. The new items of 19 S/S mixes with many hot elements and styles. The more and more popular Chinese ancient style, the retro preppy style and the sportif style are the focus of SIBEIXIU. Designers bring a classic and artistic feeling through the ingenious color proportion and the exquisite detail design.

children's style

Under the influence of the hot fashion of the traditional Chinese style, more and more consumers wear traditional clothes on the street. In this season, SIBEIXIU presents the gentle and elegant retro fashion with the details like ancient birds and flowers, buttonhole loops, pink clothing with blue straps.

The Traditional Chinese Style Hanfu

As the hot element of preppy style, the check is the major point of SIBEIXIU. In this season, SIBEIXIU adopts splicing and pleat-pressing to apply the check to different items. The combination with the hot photo printing, beading and embroidering fully displays the retro but fashion sense of the check.

Fashionable School

In terms of the knitwear, the pullover is the main of this season. The fashionable big and small polka dots or ruffles bring a simple and fashionable sense.

The Knitwear

The pattern of the sweatshirt is the portrait printing. In terms of sleeve style, the lantern sleeve is the key detail. The simple stripes color-blocking and the splicing with ruffles is sweet and lively. And the split is unique, interesting and cool.

The Sweatshirt

In this season, SIBEIXIU also pays attention to sets which are hot currently. The sweatshirt and sportif sets are the most popular. The simple color-blocking and the check is simple but elegant.


The trench coat with a somehow outdoor workwear silhouette and the fashionable preppy suit coat adopt the solid color to bring the fashionable and simple sense. The pair of sweatshirt with denim outerwear shows more matching possibilities and brings a layered sense. The lamb wool outerwear with a golilla is fashionable and worth attention.


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