Noble Maiden BlingBlingQuinn Womenswear Designer Brand


BlingBlingQuinn is like open and passionate urban girls who have a spiritual world full of infinite youth and energy and are curious about reality. At the same time, they are fair ladies, too. They are modest and polite, gentle and quiet, and they obey social rules. In this orderly world, they are freest themselves, calm and passionate, reasonable and emotional. In terms of classic elements and basic color tones, BlingBlingQuinn reorganizes diverse personalities of modern urban girls through diversified design and spiffy cutting. It shows that the image of youth can be retro, fashionable, comfortable, sexy and more importantly, a personalized clothing attitude.

fashion trend style
Tweed fashion trend style for women

In autumn and winter market, tweed is in heated popularity. It makes intellectual and attractive young woman style visual impact, when styled with well-fitting cutting, multiple colors splicing or decorating craft.

tweed fashion style

It applies heavy-duty techniques to organize decorative accessories like pearls, rhinestone, beading and applique into patterns to decorate the clothing. And the fine craft strengthens the gloss charm of overall design to create an elegant female image.

Inserted Embellishments fashion trend style

During autumn and winter, light lace is used to be the main part or partial decoration. Combined with well-fitting silhouette, the dim cutout visual impact made by lace brings visual changes.

The Application of Lace fashion style

Cutout was once noble craft. This time BLINGBLINGQUINN A/W applies the fabric with cutout on it or cutout weave to make diverse visual impacts. Different from barely-there lace, three-dimensional partial cutout and color-blocking detail make all items three-dimensional and lively to display gorgeous and elegant noble temperament of females.

Soft Cutout fashion style

Ruffle is a representative element of girls’ style. Three-dimensional ruffle decorated in the edge is exquisite. It matches well-fitting cutting and makes a comparison with soft fabrics to show unique maiden style.

Ruffle fashion trend style

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