The Fabric Trend for Kids’ Sweatshirts


Comfort, utilitarianism, statements are key for kidswear for A/W 20/21. Influenced by the current environment, designers use warm fleeces and weatherproof fabrics. Shiny textures and tie-dyed materials are favored for their rich contents and exaggerated visual effects. Mesh and lace add a leisure twist. Quilted fabrics are a highlight which extends wear.

children's style

Cosy fleece-like materials are ideal for A/W. Fleece and polar fleece are underlined for A/W 20/21. noe & zoe combines plush and patterns, which creates an eye-catching effect.

Cosy Fleece

The technical laser surfaces and vintage luxe are popular. They both have the sheeny texture favored by the fashion industry. The individualistic fabrics in a variety of colors are eye-catching.

Shiny Texture

With the urgency to protect our environment and the exploration of nature, outdoor sports are paid high attention to. The practical and multi-functional qualities are the key points for customers. The reflective and weatherproof fabrics are safe and cosy.

Outdoor Utility.jpg

Tie-dye shows different colors and patterns, creating a psychedelic style. With the development of fashion, tie-dye and blurring have been renewed.

Tie-Dye Blurring.jpg

Mesh, lace and chiffon appear on the leisure sweatshirt.

Sheer Materials

Influenced by the quilted coat, the wadding-feel quilted sweatshirt brings newness for A/W 20/21. The diamond shape is still favored by designers. Regular geometric shapes are simple yet attractive. Pablo Bernard’s ultra-wide quilting lines enhance the warm and cosy quality. Re-Roupa’s ombre splicing could be referred to.

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