Comprehensive Analysis of S/S 2019 Newly Summery Kidswear Markets in Guangzhou

market reports

In this season, deep colors see a rise. Lettered tapes are still important. Compared with South Korean markets, the tapes in Guangzhou fashion clothing markets are more colorful and attractive. Details on the sides and back are underlined. The combination of the metal ring and tape is a highlight.


Due to statement innovations, designer styles attract greater attention. Unconventional cuts, micro deconstruction and exaggerated details make designer styles stand out.

Statement Cut

Street style is the basic style, combined with popular PVC, neons, zippers and lettered tapes. Contrasting colors and exaggerated cuts add direction to pockets.

Street Pockets

Drawcords in outdoor adult garments extend into kidswear in Guangzhou markets. The gathering formed by adjustable drawstrings enrich garments. The combination of shoulder ruffles and drawstrings adds interest.


Novel knots update kidswear. The knots applied to the neck are playfulness and fashionable.

Playful Knots

Photo print has prevailed for many seasons. In this season, sequins, small bows add a delicate touch, while small and elaborate illustration-style photo print will the direction. Bright colors such as avocado, bright pink and primrose yellow add vibrancy to summer.

photo prints fashion style

Simple drawings in one or two colors hold a quite big share. Silhouettes are emphasized, paired with interesting patterns and solid text to create a simple and practical style.

Children's Simple Drawings

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