The Rabbit Digging a Hole of Brand boxboxbox


The microscopic world is as complex as the universe. When in the microscopic world, we can see those special plants, flowers, insects and even soil. For S/S 2019, boxboxbox shows us Mr. rabbit, sea bubbles, fairies with green wings and microbes via unlimited imagination.

children's style

There a story about Mr. Rabbit, which is full of imagination. Designers combine the story with patterns and styles. Simple details, appliques, pleats, splits and adjustable straps are incorporated.

young girl's sytle

In this collection, unrestraint is emphasized. Large silhouettes, detachable shoulder linings and streamlined sheers are simple and playful. The vibrant striped tee and denim skirt are mixed to add an offbeat feel.

Sea Bubbles children's style

Lightweight and airy fabrics, layered ruffles, irregular 3D cuts and mismatched panelling add interest.

The Flying Fairies with Green Wings

Using the shape of cell nucleus, designers combined shirring and fresh microbial graphics, mixing 2D and 3D effects.

Microbes' Adventures

The layered gathering at the waist and lantern sleeves are combined to provide a romantic feel. The boxy deconstructed contrasting-color tee is interesting.

green girl's style



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