Fashion Trend Analysis of Resort 2020 Catwalk Brands of Gucci


At 2:00 A.M., May 29, Beijing time, Gucci released its Resort 2020 vacation collection in the Capitoline Museums. The invitation letters were in Antica Libreria Cascianelli. Opening up old books, you could find light blue-ink stamps showing the time and address. Paul Veyne’s famous saying was also printed: Only pagan antiquity awakened my desire, because it was the world of before, because it was an abolished world. In this show, you could find the classical elements, Mickey and feminist slogans.

Gucci style

Toga is a loose outer piece of clothing worn by the citizens of ancient Rome. Designers drew inspiration from toga to update the shawl and wrapping forms .


“22.05.1978” is printed on the short shawl. “My Body, My Choice” is printed on the back. Sequins on the dress form the image of womb. All this called for respect and equality for women.


Mickey on the front piece, pockets and all-over items are appealing and shows a fairyland vibe.


Sports and fashion are not neglected. Sports jackets and sets in subtle and vintage tones feel nostalgic and relaxed.

fashion catwalk style

Patterns of animals, plants and insects are applied to garments. Delicate embroideries, distressed floral prints, scallops made of sequins and animal prints show the beauty of nature.

pattern fashion style

Long-line dresses are key. Draping fabrics with pleats, which resembles toga, are common. Metallic accessories on the neck, waist and hem are delicate. Short shawls and layered lace dresses are romantic and elegant.

Exotic Long-Line Dresses

The palettes of knitted or tweed sets are much brighter. In addition to metallic accessories, fur embellishments are included. Vibrant colors add a sweet and ornate edge.

Knitted Tweed Sets

Checks still play a key role. Glen plaid is the most attrative. Tartan is also seen. Sets are key to emphasize a vintage and elegant feel.

classic checks style

Green and light brown, which are refreshing, wise, elegant and rational, are applied to classical overcoats. The loose silhouette symbolize inclusiveness.

classic checks style

Wide shoulders, rigid lines and H-line silhouettes are key. In addition to classic checks and earth tones, bright colors and streamlined silhouettes show nobility and elegance.

H-line style

Chris Lee, Kim Jo and Lucas Hedges were invited.

Stars style

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