Integration of Brand ZIGGY CHEN


ZIGGY CHEN takes cues from the Song and Qing dynasties and the Republic of China. New sewing and cutting techniques are explored. The original designs combine the western culture with ancient Chinese designs. The lightweight linen jacket, leisure pants, slim and long shirt and simple tees are incorporated.

fashion brand style

Deconstruction brings newness. ZIGGY CHEN has its own definition of designing. Redesigned hems for the A/W 2019 collections are underlined. The layering, elongating or irregular splicing are combined with variegated and rustic cotton and linen.

fashion ZIGGY CHEN

Spliced materials in different colors and asymmetrical designs enrich the items.

Splicing of brand ZIGGY CHEN

The linen & cotton trench coat is lightweight and warm. Earthy tones and black create a simple and rustic feel. The linen&cotton fabric with gathering texture, the long-line style, splicing and piping are incorporated.

The Cotton&Linen Trench Coat

The gathering-handfeel fabric is used for the leisure suit. Frayed edges at the placket, piping and vintage print on inner fabrics are emphasized.


A pair of comfortable pants can elevate your mood. The loose straight ankle trousers and long leisure pants all underline details. The finishes at the front closure and inner fabrics, and the application of linen&cotton show a cosy and rustic feel.

The Leisure Pant



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