The Fashion Trend Analysis of Catwalk Urban Minimalism Outerwear


On pre-spring 2020 catwalks, simple and sophisticated outerwear plays a key role. The suit is a core item, and the shirt jacket and two-piece trenchcoat are also important.

fashion outwear for women

The collarless geometric shapes are key for the collarless suit. The square shape and deep V-neck adds a simple vibe.

The Collarless Suit

Knots and twists on simple silhouettes underscore the slim and crisp feel.

Waist Knots and Twists

The changed lengths stand out this season. The skirt shape is combined with the outline of the suit to add a neat and feminine vibe. Frills at the closure and collar, cutouts, two-layer collar offer femininity.

knot fashion style

The shirt silhouette, single-breasted design and collar are incorporated into the jacket and trench coat to emphasize a natural and cosy feel.

The Shirt-Style Outerwear

Splicing still plays a key role in the trench coat, creating two-piece depth. Spliced materials, different colors and the high-low design enrich the trench coat.

The Two-Piece Trench Coat


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