The Fashion Trend Analysis of Street Snaps of Menswear


Black, contrasting colors inspire bold and statement-making. Studs, hand scrawls and metallic chains all show the rebellious attitude. When applied to leather, suits and sweatshirts, they make a statement.

fashion menswear

A variety of colors are eye-catching. Sweatshirts and sporty jackets are worn carefully. Patterns and spliced materials add interest.

fashion street style for men

Similar or contrasting colors make a statement. In addition to layered outerwear, layered shirts are currently popular. The half styled shirt, sport set and tonal Hawaiian shirt as well as the base layer of sheers can be referred to.

fashion layered menswear

With the resurging of vintage styling, the boxy suit are much more popular. The masculine lines and qualities stand out. Black, and soft pastels gain traction. On styling, stylish tees and shirts are good options.

The boxy suit.png

With the emerging of the functional style, functional vest has evolved into different styles. Lots of fashionable elements are incorporated to fabrics. The splicing of leather and polyester, tapes and denim vests add a functional twist to utilitarianism. Layered and tonal dressing add a dimensional and saturated effect to the palette.

the function vest

Sets are slouchy. Appliques, splicing and half-sleeves make details stand out. Directional designs and accessories add interest.

the set

Details should be emphasized to show special styles. Texture, gathering, pattern, metallic accessories, exaggerated shoulders, PVC and shirting, mesh and leather and deconstructed shirts elevate garments.


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