Coolness in Summer of Silhouette Trend for Women’s Dresses

fashion style dresses

For S/S 2020, the dress takes a nonchalant and delicate approach. Easy-to-wear and form-accentuating silhouettes gain traction. H-line shapes dominate markets.

fashion dresses

Mini and midi dresses and maxidresses gain momentum and are dominant. The knee-length dress sees a decrease. Practicality and durability in the H-line dress are underlined. The A-line dress with the classic shape also provides an alternative.


The roomy mini skirt with a boxy shape and trapeze cut create a vibrant and playful look. Brights infuse this style with new femininity.

Voluminous Mini A-Line Dresses

The shirt dress shows a new leisure feel. Workwear pockets and buttons from denim jackets are used. The elbow and three-quarter sleeves are handsome.

Knee-Length H-Line Shirt Dresses

Simple cover-ups underline cosiness and fashion. The versatility of cover-up dresses is teamed up with different kinds of surfaces and colors to add newness. It can also be styled with pants.

Midi H-Line Cover-Up Dresses

The nipped-in umbrella-hem X-line dress is elegant and nostalgic. The diagonal cut is must-have next season. Elements in 1940s occasionwear are adopted. The waistline, lines and piecing are key. Roomy sleeves and draping pleats emphasize the vintage feel.

Nipped-In Umbrella-Hem X-Line Dresses

The simple and versatile slip dress is a key item. Satin cuts and simple shapes work well from day to night, providing a understated feminine appeal. Spaghetti straps are the focal point. The halter neck and spaghetti straps bring newness.

H-Line Slip Dresses

Layered sheers create a soft and feminine feel. When worn alone, the sheer dress makes a statement; when worn over other items, the dress offers a modern and modest quality. Ruched chiffon and organza add a fluid effect.

Sheer A-Line Maxidresses

LAGUNAMOON, a Japanese luxurious brand, features minimalist features. The simple H-line shape is mainly used. Cosy silhouettes and details are emphasized to show uniqueness.

simple fashion dresses

Simple fashion dresses for women in summer season

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