Artistic Hand Scrawls of 2020/2021 Autumn Winter Women’s Clothing Pattern Trend

men's clothing pattern

Hand scrawls have gained traction, and they can be seen on lots of big brands, designers and Chinese brands. Hand scrawls have become a special culture directly expressing attitudes. Abstract hand scrawls, interesting letters and contrast colors make a stylish statement.

men's coat pattern

Simple and haphazard hand scrawls make a statement. Lettering enrich the layering effect. Print and embroidery are fitted.

Simple Graffiti and Letters

Large-scale scrawled letters make a statement, and abstract figures add interest. Print and applique are recommended.

Scrawled Letters Abstract Figures

Illustration-like hand scrawls are interesting. The creative design ideas are eye-catching. The application of multiple colors is youthful and fashionable. Embroidery and print are appropriate. Sequins can be used on bright parts.

Interesting Hand Scrawls Illustration Style

Abstract geometric hand scrawls make a special statement when applied on some parts. Combined hand scrawls can be applied on every part.

Abstract Hand Scrawls Combined Hand Scrawlsmen's clothing pattern trend.jpg

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