New High Street INS Fashion Bloggers


Fashion Blogger — Clara Berry

The features of Clara Berry’s modern high street: brights, exaggerated patterns, fashionable modernity.

Clara Berry

Fashion Blogger — Meital Katz

Elegant high street is key for Meital Katz. She loves checked items matched with skirts.


Fashion Blogger — SKITZYOU

The styling of SKITZYOU: exaggerated items, white and neon tones, neat and pared-back high street.


Fashion Blogger — Alexcloset

Alexcloset’s preference: coolness, black and brights.


Statement coats with leopard print skirts show offbeat designs. Accessories are highlighted, aligning with patterns and colors. The matching is in harmony.

Mismatched Check Outerwear

As an independent designer, Pushbutton often uses simple items with special detailing.



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