Persistence of Brand JASONWOOD


JASONWOOD collaborated with NetEase Cloud to release the collection with the theme Persistence. Reinvented letters and patterns show attitudes.

fashion t-shirt

Letters are reinvented. The single Chinese character, slogans, logos and blurred letters make a statement, adding a street feel. Clashing colors are striking.

letter t-shirt

The printed tee with contrasting colors and patterns is youthful and dramatic. The simple and artistic tee appeals to young people. Brights can be paired wit simple jeans or cargo pants to create a smart and casual look.

The Printed Tee

The loose shape and hooded design stand out. Flexible and inclusive letters add fashion. Layering adds interest.

The Lettered Shirt

The casual cuffed trousers bring subtle fashion. The printed letters and panelling at the sides, drawstrings at the cuff and pockets enhance the fashion level. Simple sports shoes make a statement.

The Casual Cuffed Trouser

Jeans are versatile and must-have. More details such as embroidery and cat whisker are added into denim. Contrasting lines, evolving colors and pockets elevate jeans to a new level.

The Statement Jeans


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