Lines, Graphics and Letters of Autumn Winter 20/21 Pattern Trend for Menswear


The combination of linear graphics and letters is very popular for fashion brands. For A/W 19/20. Misbhv, Filling Pieces, Still Good, Kokon To Zai and Armani Exchange all use patterns containing linear graphics and lines. The unique futuristic and spatial feel of linear graphics is impressive, while letters add a layering effect.



fashion look

It is directional to use lines for graphics under the letters and placement piecing. Embroidery on lines and print can be used.

Simple Linear Letters

Lines can show varying forms including abstract figures, linear animals and geometrical shapes. The overlaid letters add a layering and directional edge. Print and combinations of print and embroidery are recommended.

Combinations of Linear Graphics and Letters.jpg

Large-scale linear geometrical shapes feel spatial, decorated with letters. The simple patterns are in line with the current cool industrial feel. Print, embroidery and combinations of print and embroidery are suitable.

Geometrical Lines and Letters

The combinations of linear graphics and color blocks are directional.

Linear Graphics and Letters


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