Stylish and Versatile Drawstrings Craft Trend of Women’s Sweaters


Shirring adds a rhythmic feel. For A/W 2021, sweatshirts move towards utilitarianism. Fashion sports provide inspiration, and drawstrings are emphasized. The elastic drawstring and cotton string are used to add newness.

fashion trend style

Imperfectionism gains momentum. The incomplete drawstring shows the imperfect quality. The asymmetric drawstring at the waist, neck and hem adds interest.

The Incomplete Drawstring

Workwear styling continues to prevail. The protective drawstring adds a practical and fashionable quality, and it is often applied to the neck and cuff.

The Protective Drawstring

The bud-like drawstring is often applied to the neck and cuff, adding a soft and feminine effect.


The horizontal-neck drawstring strengthens the neck and adds interest. The elastic drawstring and adjustable spring ring provide a sporty effect. The contrasting colors are bold.

The Horizontal-Neck Drawstring

The ruffle drawstring applied to the hem, cuff, neck and shoulder adds a sporty and feminine edge.

The Ruffle Drawstring

The drawstring applied to the hem of the cropped sweatshirt combines sport fashion with seductive appeal. It can be adjusted to be practical and fashionable.

The Drawstring in Cropped Sweatshirts


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