FENDI Analysis of Resort 2020 Catwalk Brands


FENDI’s Resort 2020 vacation collection has been released.This collection was designed by the team led by creative director Silvia Venturini. Inspired by Gloria, Fendi’s new collection features bright and bold red. Patent leather makes classic trench coats bold and hot. Tailored suits styled with high-split skirts or split dresses and high boots are seductive and slick. The classic double-F logo continues to be seen on items.

fashion design inspiration

Fiery Red goes across the whole collection. The wine short mink knitted top feel mysterious, in keeping with the theme of this season.

Fiery Red.jpg

Imperial Blue feel nostalgic and modern. Different shades elevate items.

Imperial Blue

As a key color, Tortoise Shell feels warm, in keeping with the trend of pink. It often teams up with vintage brown.

Tortoise Shell

Leather can be rigid, soft and sheeny. The surfaces of leather can interpret unisex aesthetic. Tailored leather coats are delicate, vintage and mysterious.

trench coat

New concepts and crafts move the fur industry forward. With the trend of Zero Fur, new crafts, techniques and innovative concepts always drive luxe fur forward. The light brown knitted short top with white patterns is slick and warm.

Fur Coat

High-waist and wide-leg trousers can be styled with smart silk shirts and sports mink jackets. The deep pleats in the high-waist pants feel masculine.

High-Waist and Wide-Leg Trousers

Inspired by looks in movies, these outfits feature tailored suits and skirts. The side high-split skirts and leather high heels pay tribute to Rowlands.

Tonal Sets

The double “F” Logo is presented through mini embroidery, print and colorful fur intarsia. Karligraphy and pequin are reinterpreted.

Double F

In recent seasons, shirts were nostalgic. V-neck and pleats are featured to create a vintage style. Silk and satin elevate items. V-neck is key for its simplicity.

V-Neck Shirt

Designs on edges are continued. Bindings in different and contrast materials are eye-catching.

Binding in Different Materials

Modern and contrast stitches are impressive and add a youthful and vibrant vibe.

Contrast Stitches


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