Power Station of Art Meets Heritage Toys


This exhibition has two parts. One part shows the famous Czechic toys which have been made since 1919. The vintage crafts show timeless appeal and innovation. The second part exhibits Petr Nikl’s classic works and renewed works of his mother Libuše Niklová. Different art works in two different ages show the deep understanding of the Czechic culture.

fashion pattern

In this age, digital games are what children play, but those traditional crafted toys are classic with great interest. This exhibition is a great opportunity to see Czechic toys up close. Those toys belong not only to children but also to adults. The bright colors, creative shapes provide inspiration.

Czechic Toys

The Mole created by Zdeněk Miler was introduced to China in the 1980s. In this exhibition, plush toys of the Mole and his friends show up.

The Mole

Gucci, Radicool and ImpsElfs start to applied heritage toy patterns to kidswear. Traditional plush toys, rubber dolls, wooden toys and iron robots are all suitable. The patterns nod to the past. In the nest few season, they are set to be popular.


Antique Dolls

Antique Dolls.jpg

Small Planes and Cars
Small Planes and Cars
Wooden Horse
Wooden Horse

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