Comprehensive Analysis of China International School Uniforms Exposition 2019

fashion school uniform style

China International School Uniforms Exposition 2019 was held in SWEECC from April 19 to 21. Li-Ning, SWOTO, Hua Mao, GIUSEPPE and other brands all attended this exposition.

school uniform

Electric green, neon brights are combined with royal blue and scarlet.

Smart School Colors

Labels, stripes, ruffles, contrast colors and laser patterns are also seen on school apparel.

school uniform style.jpg

LI-NING mainly features scarlet, rose purple and orange yellow. The Chinese characters feature on the school apparel.


SWOTO chooses bold neon colors, reflective tapes on school apparel. Outdoor jacket silhouettes are combined with school styling.

SWOTO -- School Outdoor Jackets

The Chinese folk style holds a bigger share. Xin Mao emphasizes fashion, culture and folk specialties. Buttonhole loop and embroidery shows a strong Chinese feel.

school style

GIUSEPPE shows us the Chinese and foreign styles. What’s more, models wearing items are in the class scene.

GIUSEPPE -- Model Display

China red is suitable for school styling. V-line piecing and half-open closures are the new direction. The silver color and zipper tapes smarten up school styling.

school fashion style

ABC KIDS, YI Lian, NICKIE, Chun Ya Zi and Hey Junior also should be paid attention to.

more fashion brand.jpg

GUCCI and Burberry could be referred to due to their bold color combinations. MSGM’s items are sporty.

foreign school uniform.jpg

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