Rebellious Hand Scrawls Pattern Trend for Womenswear

fashion clothing pattern

Hand scrawls are often seen in the street and become the trend for the rebellious and individualistic spirit. Brands go in a youthful direction for the young generation is the main purchasing group. Individualism and innovation are the mainstream. Hand scrawls, cartoon elements, mosaics, embroidery and sequins are utilized to provide an individualistic, playful and feminine feel.

fashion pattern style

Hand scrawls endure, making a statement. Bright colors, exaggerated contrasting methods, striking words and graphics deliver the rebellious message.

fashion catwalk style

Items with hand scrawls are seen at luxe brands such as Balenciaga, Gucci, Dior and Burberry. In this year’s Shanghai Fashion Week, many brands and fashionistas played with hand scrawls.


All-over hand scrawls are striking with the unrestrained and rebellious spirit. Bright colors and feminine scrawled symbols add interest.

fashion pattern

Placement hand scrawls are eye-catching and interesting. The combinations of hand scrawls, readable words and symbols are all good options.

Placement Hand Scrawls

The combinations of scrawled text and graphics are strongly individualistic. Popular slogans and text expressing disagreement can be utilized as well.

The Combination of Scrawled Text and Graphics

Scrawled text strongly shows a rebellious spirit, serving as a powerful tool for expressing attitudes.

fashion text pattern


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