Rhinestones, Sequins and Beads Craft Trend for Men’s Knitwear


Rhinestones, sequins and beads play key roles in men’s knitwear in China. In this season, delicate designs, rhinestones and shiny colors at Gucci, Alexander McQueen, Balmain and LOEWE show luxe.

fashion men's pattern

Delicate and small rivets and rhinestones at the neck and cuff are arranged in a curved line, understated and sophisticated. The lines made of dots at Valentino and Burberry add interest to solid knitwear items. A single line or repetitive lines interpret elegance.

Dots and Lines fashion men's sweater

Hot fix letters are common in men’s knitwear. Different sizes, typefaces, lengths and widths add interest to solid items. 16N’s contrast colors enliven items. Boy London creates the ombre effect via the increasing number of rhinestones.

Dots and Lines fashion men's sweater

In addition to Gucci’s all-over bright sequins, Balmaim combines sequins with placement patterns and dark tones to create a three-dimensional effect. Boy London and Zara also explore newness in combinations of sequins in different colors and letters.

sequins fashion sweater

Beads are paired with delicate embroidery and placement rhinestones to show understated luxe. Balmain and Gucci uses a range of crafts and unique fashion interpretations. A sprinkling of decorations can elevate items.

Hot Fix Letters fashion men's shirt

ED Hardy is famous for colorful embroidery, washes and splash-ink techniques. In this season, rhinestones, beads and beads are infused with punk elements and street culture to create a rock-inspired statement patterns. The oriental portraits, letters and varied tigers are hot in China’s markets.


Pattern Techniques


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