The Gender-Neutral Aesthetic Comprehensive Analysis of Catwalks on Men’s Leather & Fur


S/S 2020 menswear catwalks mix athleisure and smart silhouettes. Bold and soft colors further the free and cosy style. Unique yet harmonious panelling and contrasting colors are utilized to create a gender-neutral casual style. The colors and details of leather&fur garments move towards youthfulness. Hoods and drawstrings are often seen in leather garments. Young designers prefer unisex designs with standout waist details, creative patterns and appliques.

fashion catwalk style

According to POP’s statistics, brown tones are mainstream for leather&fur pieces, and greens and blues are key. The proportions remain relatively stable on a year on year basis. The shares of black and red tones slightly decreased. Brown, white and grey tones see a rise. This report analyzes key colors from catwalks’ three critical tones.

fashion fur style

With the increasing popularity of rebellious and nonchalant menswear, brown tones are bold and bright on S/S 2020 menswear catwalks. Brown tones can be applied more widely. Causal pants, printed shirts, sporty pants in tonal colors are youthful and elegant.

Caramel Brown color fashion style

Turquoise feels decadent and folkloric. On S/S 2020 catwalks, it was often seen on solid statement styles such as suits, trench coats and pants. Turquoise can be paired with complementary colors for a sporty feel or khaki tones for a business casual look. The tonal brights work best for a youthful and artistic edge.

Turquoise fashion trend style

Architecture blues are deep and noble, often applied in minimalist business fashion garments. This commercial and premium color works well in business commuting jackets and fashion casual outerwear. Bright white is eye-catching and youthful, and denim tones are casual and chic.

Architecture Blues fashion trend style

According to POP’s data, the shares of trench coats and suits increase obviously, and they can be worn for commuting and athleisure styling. The jacket and overcoat see a decrease.

fashion fur style

The drawstring and waist belts give an athleisure edge and accentuate form. The high waistline at Sies Marjan and Versace with decorative belts adds direction.

menswear fashion style

The elasticated cuff, drawstring at the hem, lightweight fabric, snap buttons and zippers in coach jackets are functional. The crisp leather coach jacket on S/S 2020 catwalks provides a practical and simple aesthetic for nonchalant and outdoor looks.

The loose Coach Jacket

The sporty style is key for S/S 2020. The dynamic colorful stripes play an important role. Contrasting colors and panelling are used. The combinations of stripes in different colors add depth and a subtle geometrical aesthetic.

Rhythmic Stripes fashion trend style

Leopard print is key for leather&fur garments. The deconstruction method and new colors such as yellow and orange add a youthful and artistic edge.

Leopard Print fashion trend sytle

Hand scrawls and hand-painted illustrations are combined. Slogans in large sizes are bold and asymmetric. The horizontal arrangement and neons are novel.

Letters fashion trend style

Focus is placed on placement designs for S/S 2020. Decorative appliques, slogans and badges provide a youthful and dynamic edge to menswear. The front closure, pocket and back with varied and densely arranged appliques are delicate and slightly dramatic.

fashion trend style

The panelling methods are diversified this season. The combination of different materials and multi-functional designs are key. The mock-layer style should be paid attention to. The material and color contrast adds depth.

The Mock-Layer fashion trend style

The pieced sleeve is simple and practical, creating a contrast effect. The placement material and color contrast adds interest.

Pieced Sleeves fashion trend style

The hoods are common. Deconstruction and hoods in different materials add interest.

The Hood

The elastic drawstring creating the ruched effect is practical and decorative. The bright colors add a detail aesthetic. The neck tie and drawstring at the elbow is novel.

The Sporty Drawstring


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