Soft and Warm Heavy-Gauge Knits Styling of Women’s Knitwear


In this fast-fashion era, the heritage style makes a comeback. The homespun heavy-gauge design provide an antidote with industrial language. For A/W 20/21, yarns, stitches, crafts, shapes and colors are emphasized for the simple and sophisticated style, and heavy gauge is key.

fashion sweater

Aran knitwear is most popular for the delicate homespun quality and heavy and warm tactility. On INS, fashion bloggers push heavy gauge to a new level to interpret French romance. Fanny Ekstrand’s pieced textured sweater worn over the plaid skirt is nostalgic and tough. Aylin Koenig’s pieced coat with cables worn over the tight base layer show a nonchalant feminine vibe.

Heavy-Gauge Knits on INS

With the increasing popularity of technical styling, neonc are key. Scattered and abstract neon details are novel. Missoni uses melange yarns on the neck and hem to add a refresh and delicate edge; Tuinch put neon colors on the one side of the neck, which is contemporary.

Neons -- The Pullover

The architectural three-dimensional textures interpret the romantic and utility design. The symmetrical method is key for stitches, and details at the neck and hem are underlined. Loro Piana’s V-shaped stand-up collar adds a tough gender-neutral quality, and the leather skirt offers the British style.

Heavy-Gauge and Architectural Structures -- The Pullover

Polar fleece is key for A/W 20/21. Loop yarns make a comeback, updating mohair and long hair knits. Nonchalant and lightweight loose shapes and tonal dressing are in harmony. The voluminous pullover can be paired with skirts or long pants. The paired-back and directional styles are recommended .

fashion collocaiton

The plain two layers are underscored for A/W 20/21 sets. Max Mara’s short jacket is worn over the long vest and with the shiny pleated skirt. The material and thickness contrast is the key trend.

Two Layers -- Sets

Furs are often applied to the neck, practical and fashionable. The industrial details, wovens, workwear pockets add a tough edge.


Woolen materials are often combined with heavy-gauge knits. Vintage checks are perennial. M Missoni’s usage of plaid woolen materials provide a crisp shape, and knits are applied to the sleeve and back.

Heavy-Gauge Checks sweater

Heavy-gauge is applied widely in pullovers. Solid pullovers with the simple and sophisticated style is highly recommended. The heavy-gauge texture at the neck and shoulder, yarns and placement contrast colors are practical and simple. Long pants and skirts are mainly recommended.

Key Item -- The Pullover

Different materials are mixed to create standout overcoats. Here are four styles we pick up for you.

fashion sweater for women

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