Slouchy and Seductive Dresses of Comprehensive Analysis of Dresses at Trunk Shows


For S/S 2020 trunk shows, French vintage elegance dominates. The update tea-break dress is more nonchalant and slouchy. The smoke-tube high neck delivers a nostalgic feel. Feminine elements such as ruffles, puff sleeves, pleats and cinched-in designs are incorporated. Denim and dresses are paired together. The wide shoulder and slim waist show seductive and masculine qualities. Branding still endures.

fashion dresses

The deep V neck, cinched waist, split hem are featured in tea break dresses which were for tea breaks in the past. The updated version has a natural pleat effect with ruffles.

Tea Break Dress

The slim waist and wide shoulder accentuate form. The exaggerated shoulder is also fitted, styled with the slim short skirt.

Slim Waist and Wide Shoulder dress

The two-layer wrapping at the waist is seen in shirt dresses and directional styles. Romantic designs and irregular wrapping add movement and put emphasis on legs.

Wrapping and Layering dresses

Playful puff sleeves in morandi tones feel elegant. The seductive V neck and vague sheers are combined.

puff sleeves dresses

The dress with the smoke-tube neck is lightweight and fitted. The half collar shows a slouchy and nostalgic quality.

Smoke-Tube Neck dresses

H-line silhouettes and topstitches are combined, with distressing for a vintage touch. Metallic buttons feel cool and nostalgic.

Textured Denim

Street and seductive styles are combined together. The logo print and long stockings are matched to show youthfulness. The high heels replace sneakers to add a seductive touch.

Sweat Dress

All-over classic patterns remain premium and mysterious. Pattern are arranged in an orderly, showing a youthful and nostalgic feel.

timeless dresses

The crisp denim coat is styled with silk&satin dress, premium and cosy. The slouchy solid trench coat is styled with ditsy dress, simple and elegant. The mid-length lace coat is paired with the lace dress.

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