Muse in the Painting of Brand SHINE MODA


SHINE MODA is a premium wedding dress brand founded in 2007, and its handmade embroidery patterns are delicate and outstanding. Improved quality fabrics and florals are often used. In this season, the inspiration came from paintings in the Renaissance, mixing retro and modern influences. The collection is calm and delicate. Simple silhouettes and rare materials are combined to feel art and innovation.


Tang Yixin wore SHINE MODA’s customized wedding dress with bubbles and stars at the hem. The horizontal neck is seductive. The curved piece of sheer with SHINE MODA’s embroidery is eye-catching.

The Celebrity's Outfits

The SHINE MODA’s customized wedding dress in mist blue and with moons and stars feels dreamy. “love you as love life” is embroidered at the hem.

the celebrity outfit

The layered geo wedding dress with the bandeau design and ombre pleats are sweet and appealing. The layered dress gains traction this season.

Vague Effects

Bridesmaids’ wedding dresses are fresh and elegant. Other celebrities all chose SHINE MODA’s wedding dresses.


Silk tafetta is flatter and denser. When combined with pleats, silk tafetta is more attractive. The heat-to-toe style in silk tafetta are paired with pleats is appealing, and the silk techniques add a simple an feminine aesthetic.

Silk Tafetta

In this season SHINE MODA applies sheers into the bust of princess dresses. Since this kind of dress doesn’t have straps, sheers at the bust provide protection and safety.

wedding dresses

SHINE MODA’s traditional puffy silhouette and sheers are combined to show a streamlined quality. The curved sheers at the waist create a pure and soft effect. The layered sheers, organza petals and flower techniques show the mixing of sweet and elegant qualities.

Flowing Ruffles wedding dresses

Seemingly irregular pleats give more imagination. SHINE MODA’s irregular surfaces of fabrics and the hem splits add appeal. The pleats at the neck is like a lilac. Small scales show delicate and subtlety. The pleats going from the bust to the bottom and down the side feel streamlined and accentuate form.

pleats wedding dresses

Simple silhouettes, thin silk as inner layers in the hem and three-dimensional florals are nostalgic and appealing. Lots of small beads are used to show delicacy. The beads and 3D stars at the neck feel dreamy.

Romantic Lace wedding dresses

The ruff neck is reinvented with the adding of sheers, retro and modern. Seamless sheers as a inner layer are in harmony on tones. The subtle sheers are seductive and elegant. The tones in Mark Rothko’s color blocks are used in SHINE MODA’s latest collection. The vintage and vague grey is novel.


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