New Urban Youths Comprehensive Analysis of Spring Summer 2019 Street Snaps of Womenswear

street fashion

In the latest season’s street snaps, rebellion and statement are still dominant. This style is often seen in cities. The complicated matching is key. Varying and bright colors are eye-catching. The mismatching creates a vague and diversified mood.

fashion style

Complicated Matching

Key Words: metallic embellishment, redundance, layering, varying colors, waist belt, fringing, pleat.

Complicated Matching

Key Item — Waisted Suits

Key Words: waist band, modernity, decisive, confident.

Waisted Suits.jpg

Key Item — Trench Coat

Key Words: bright tones, loose styles.

Trench Coat.jpg

Vague Dresses

Key Words: sheer dress, virtual and real softness.

Vague Dresses

Similar Brands

Chrisou by Dan, Maison MIHARA YASUHIRO and koll all get inspiration from the lives of young people. The diversified mismatching, layering effect, and combinations of reality and virtuality underscore the dramatic statement.

Similar Brands


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