Dynamic Technology of Functional Knitted Fabric Trend for Womenswear


Knit for S/S 2020 blur the boundary between functional garments and daily wear. The lightweight quality and matte surface are underlined. Technical qualities and dry touch are key in this new season. Handmade textures and professional qualities are closely connected. Individual sizes are also highlighted. Technical light air bag fabric and mesh knit are creative.

fashion style

Second-skin jersey is the most lightweight fabric which is also durable. Borophene and gel nano fibers make knits more elastic yet lightweight.

Second-Skin Jersey

Coated jersey is smoother. Half metallic luxe surfaces and technologies are combined to show a new direction for women’s luxe sporty style in summer. Printed and dyed grainy coatings make garments moisture-absorbed and airy. Semi-matte and metallic surfaces feel luxurious. Coated jersey can be paired with loose silhouettes to create sporty and leisure looks.

Coated Jersey

Matte knits with cool and dry touch feel appealing. The moisture-absorption quality can keep the fabric dry and smooth for a long time. The streamlined silhouettes and solid cut pieces or cut pieces in soft tones are combined to show a youthful style. In addition, stitches are hidden to add glamour.


The unique knits without stitches provide support in some parts and feel airy. Contrast colors add depth. Renewable wool or merino wools are suitable for transitional periods.

Yarn-Dyed Fabrics without Stitches

Air-bag knits can control temperatures and reduce particle pollution. The light multi-layer structure can adjust temperature and have the heat insulation quality. Stitches and heat sealing can be used to create geometric patterns.

Air-Bag Knits

Net-like mesh can filter the particles in air. 3D printing creates the structures supporting joints and key muscle groups. Separate airy reflective prints can reduce the body temperature.

Net-Like Mesh

This report is from https://www.popfashioninfo.com/details/report/t_report-id_6495-col_127/

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