Vacation Girls of Pattern Trend for Kidswear


Styles, Patterns and Techniques

This season sees an obvious increase of girl patterns including headphones, bicycles with flowers, shiny necklaces, cool sunglasses and ballet shoes.

children's style

Roller Skates and Ballet Shoes

Roller skates and ballet shoes are what girls like. Print and craft are combined to make pattern stand out. Ikks uses small fringing on shoes to add interest. Glitter works well to update patterns.

fashion pattern


It is a good option to put cool sunglasses on garments. Gold or silver stamping and hot fix enrich patterns.



Headphones are popular accessories, styled with letters and phrases to enrich the overall effect.


Flower Basket

Embroidery, gold stamping and three-dimensional accessories add interest. The flower baskets add an elegant quality.

Flower Basket


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