Girly Accessories Trend for Womenswear


This reports introduce the updates of pearls, lace, feathers, sheers, sequins and appliques. All this adds a special and girly quality.


Shiny pearls symbolize good health, purity, richness and happiness. Pearls applied into womenswear show a soft and girly effect. The arrangement of pearls is key. The pearl fringing makes an update.

Pearls for clothing.jpg

Lace feels feminine and seductive. Small-scale lace stripes add a girly quality. The layered lace with contrast colors update girly styling.

Insertions of Lace.jpg

Feathers symbolize flying and sunny light. Feathers applied to apparel silhouettes to create a free-flowing, playful and girly effect.


Sheers are lightweight, crisp, elastic, airy and wearable. Designers use transparent sheers for cover-ups layered on top of T-shirts, suits, shirts and jackets.


Colorful embroideries and embroidery threads are loved by girls. Large-scale sequin embroideries add an ornate and ritual effect.


Small and delicate appliques decorating garments are reminiscent of childhood.

Delicate Appliques.jpg


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